Delivery and acquittal of NDRRA funded projects

For eligible events up to and including 31 October 2018.

This page provides information regarding progress reporting, variations, extensions and acquittal of projects already funded under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA).

To apply for funds under NDRRA, please visit the applying for NDRRA funding page.

Projects relating to recovery from disaster events post 1 November 2018 are funded under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA)

Progress reporting and delivery

Following approval of a Restoration of Essential Public Assets (REPA) Estimates submission, and throughout project delivery, applicants are required to update Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) on the progress of all submissions.

Regular reporting is essential for the QRA to monitor delivery of the NDRRA program and ensure sufficient funds are available when required by applicants. It also provides a comprehensive means for applicants to demonstrate delivery of works, outline any issues encountered during delivery and to claim eligible expenditure.

Within the Progress Report, a Form 9 provides a summary of normal project management information for each submission, broken down to either a project or asset level.  Form 9 Progress Report are council specific and should be requested by contacting

Progress Payments

  • Applicants must submit a Progress Report, including a general ledger and associated supporting documents (where necessary) before a progress payment will be issued.

More information

  • Section 4.4 of the Submission Guide provides further information about progress reporting.

Variations to a REPA approval

A variation to a REPA approval may be required when the applicant encounters a significant variance to cost or scope that requires assessment of additional evidence. There are two main types of variations:

  • Significant scope variation: A change to approved treatment types or additional identified quantities or areas beyondthe original approval.
  • Cost variation: A change to the submission level recommended value normally due to differences from the estimated rates.

To prepare and lodge a variation

  • Download and complete Form 7 (Please note Form 7 is used with Form 4, which provides the proposed variation to the approved scope/ estimated costs and certification). 
  • Lodge the completed Form 7, Form 4 variation and all supporting evidence by email to or by post to Queensland Reconstruction Authority, PO Box 15428, City East, 4002.

More information

Refer to section 4.5 of the Submission Guide provides further information about variations.

Acquittal of works

Acquittal of works is the reporting of all submission expenditure incurred at the practical completion of restoration.   Acquittal allows QRA to assess final eligibility of a submission and issue the final payment.

To prepare and lodge an acquittal

  • Request a Form 9 Final Progress Report Form by contacting QRA via email to
  • Download and complete Form 6, Form 9, Form 10 and Form 11.
  • Collate all other supporting information as detailed in section 4.6 of the Submission Guide
  • Lodge the completed Form 6, Form 10 and Form 11 and all supporting evidence by email to or by post to Queensland Reconstruction Authority, PO Box 15428, City East, 4002.  Upload the final Form 9 through the Form 9 portal.

More information

Extensions of Time - REPA

Under the Commonwealth Determination, eligible restoration works must be completed within the Allowable Time Limit of two years from the end of the financial year in which the event occurred.

Approval of an extension of time beyond the time limit may be sought from the Commonwealth Government through QRA.

Key dates

  • In order to meet Commonwealth Government deadlines, extension of time requests must be lodged with QRA before 31 May and 30 November each year.
  • The Australian Government advises it will consider extension of time requests twice a year only.

To prepare and lodge a extension of time request

  • Download Form 13 Request for Extension.
  • Lodge the completed Form 13 and all supporting evidence by email to or by post to Queensland Reconstruction Authority, PO Box 15428, City East, 4002.