Flood Gauge Network Investment Plans for local governments

QRA partnered with a range of stakeholders including the Bureau of Meteorology and local governments to identity possible improvements to their flood warning systems and networks. Queensland councils were provided with Flood Gauge Warning Network Investment Plans to assist with prioritising new and upgraded flood warning infrastructure.

Development of the plans has also enabled information sharing between catchment stakeholders for increased visibility of flood warning gauge data and assets between different agencies and neighbouring councils, which in turn will enable better efficiencies and planning.

Future network improvements resulting from recommendations in the Network Investment Plans include:

  • new or upgraded flood gauge assets to a standard approved by the Bureau of Meteorology
  • the related transmission of data will be suitable for use by the Bureau of Meteorology
  • improvements to real-time visibility of data to relevant local governments, the State Disaster Coordination Centre and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Queensland Gauge Asset Review

The Queensland Gauge Asset Review is being managed by the Bureau of Meteorology. The purpose of the review is to update a range of information for flood gauges in Queensland that will inform the Bureau of Meteorology’s Service Level Specification for Flood Forecasting and Warning Services for the state.

QRA undertook the gauge audit for the Brisbane River Catchment as part of its work in delivering the Brisbane River Catchment Flood Studies in 2017. The process confirmed 11 stakeholders own 386 gauges in the Brisbane River catchment, including 35 gauges that were previously not documented.

Queensland Flood Forecast Location Review

QRA worked collaboratively with the Bureau of Meteorology and local governments to review the number of flood forecast locations in Queensland and confirmed that 11 of the 92 locations require more detailed investigation for a flood warning service, based on their flood risk.  

These locations have been prioritised on the basis of flood risk and proximity to existing flood forecast locations. QRA has submitted a proposal to the Bureau of Meteorology for Queensland to receive 11 new flood forecast locations.

QRA will now work with the Bureau of Meteorology and respective local governments to determine what additional information and computer modelling is required to provide a forecasting service for the 11 identified flood forecast locations.  

Other Flood Resilience projects delivered in collaboration with the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy include: