State Recovery Coordinator

In March 2018, the Queensland Premier announced QRA's Chief Executive Officer, Brendan Moon, as the State Recovery Coordinator to work with communities affected by the 2018 disaster events. Since this appointment, Mr Moon has continued to engage with impacted communities.

In response to the events of early 2018, QRA Recovery Operations staff are supporting planning for recovery operations for the most heavily impacted councils. QRA Recovery Operations staff continue to work closely with impacted councils and the state-level Functional Recovery Groups to coordinate recovery efforts and monitor recovery progress and effectiveness.

The State Recovery Coordinator Guide (.pdf | 4.4MB) provides information and guidance on the roles, responsibilities, training and induction requirements, management arrangements and operational issues relating to State Recovery Coordinators in Queensland.

Mr Moon, as QRA's Chief Executive Officer, was also appointed as the State Recovery Policy and Planning Coordinator by the Queensland Premier in June 2016, to assist in the rapid recovery of communities following natural disasters.