Building flood resilience

With flooding one of the biggest threats across the state, the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) is delivering the assistance communities need to build resilience.

As part of the Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience and Resilient Queensland, QRA in partnership with agencies is implementing a number of flood management and resilience projects.

As the most disaster impacted state in Australia, it is critical communities cooperate to explore new ways to work together to improve safety, build resilience, and minimise the impacts of floodwaters.

The Strategic Policy Framework for Riverine Flood Risk Management and Community Resilience (.pdf | 1.2MB) provides a guide for managing flood hazards. 

Queensland flood resilience projects

The following projects are being delivered in partnership with a range of stakeholders including local governments, state agencies and the Bureau of Meteorology:

Video: How Queensland’s River Catchments work

(2 minutes)

Queensland’s sub-tropical climate means that it can rain a lot in the summer months, which can sometimes lead to flooding. Have you ever wondered what happens to all that water? Hear from our friend Jesse from Get Ready Queensland as he shows us how river catchments work and where our flood warnings come from.