Flood Communication Toolkit

About the Flood Communication Toolkit

Floods remain one of the greatest risks in Queensland, and so it is essential that there is consistent flood messaging provided by state and local governments before, during and after a flood event.

This Get Ready Queensland Flood Communication Toolkit (2020) provides a comprehensive suite of flood messaging that councils and relevant state agencies can use in their social media and other flood communication messaging to improve community awareness and resilience to floods for all Queenslanders.

We know from reviews of recent flood events in Queensland that councils across Queensland are strongly, and effectively, embracing social media channels and disaster dashboards for disaster related messaging to their local residents.

The Get Ready Queensland Flood Communication Toolkit has been created for all Queensland councils and state agencies is available on the secure Get Ready Queensland Council Hub. It provides a suite of consistent flood messaging that councils and state agencies can use on social media, disaster dashboards, other flood communication materials for local residents.

The Get Ready Queensland Flood Communication Toolkit provides 66 messages with matching graphics and/or video resources, co-branded for every council in Queensland and covers six topics including:

  • Flood Q&As
  • Flood Myths
  • Flood Recovery
  • Flood Warnings
  • Flood Insurance
  • Flood Resilient Homes.

We have listened to councils who told us they wanted a compendium of ready-to-use flood communication resources with features including:

  • provision of consistent messaging to help improve flood communication consistency between local, district and state
  • ready-to-use messages with images/graphics/tiles suitable for social media channels, that are co-branded with council logos
  • flexibility so that they can use the resources to plan and manage their own flood messaging schedules
  • ability to rapidly access and select relevant quality messaging resources according to flood communication requirements at the time.

How to get access to the Flood Communication Toolkit

For access to the Get Ready Queensland Council Hub to download the Get Ready Queensland Flood Communication Toolkit and resources for your Queensland council or state agency please email getready@qra.qld.gov.au using your council or state agency email address to request a password for the secure access.

For queries about the Get Ready Queensland Flood Communication Toolkit please email the Get Ready Queensland team via getready@qra.qld.gov.au

How to use the Flood Communication Toolkit

Each topic contains a series of flood messages with text to copy/paste, a matching graphic thumbnail and filename or video filename or link, web links to existing webpages that are well maintained by Queensland Government (or other associated web pages) for more information, and a consistent use of hashtags for social media.

While the Flood Communication Toolkit focuses on use in social media and council disaster dashboards, the text and/or graphics could also be used, as appropriate, to feed into other flood messaging to local communities via newsletters, social media feeds, community noticeboards, electronic billboards, emails, and text messaging.

Councils can add to or amend the provided text in situations where they have important communication relating to localised information during a disaster event, to promote a council flood related project, a Get Ready Queensland initiative, or a related council event, weblink or disaster dashboard.

Queensland Government will regularly review the Flood Communication Toolkit to ensure it is kept up-to-date, and we encourage you to visit the Get Ready Queensland Council Hub each time you use these resources to ensure you have the latest version available.

      List of topics and messages in the Flood Communication Toolkit

      List of topics and messages in the Flood Communication Toolkit

      Topic: Flood Q&As

      • What is a flood?
      • What factors contribute to floods?
      • What are the consequences of floods?
      • How do we forecast floods?
      • How do we estimate the chance of a flood occurring?
      • How do we manage flood risks?
      • Floods – What does the future look like?
      • Take the floods quiz

      Topic: Flood Myths

      • Myth busted! – “But I thought it would never flood during a drought.”
      • Myth busted! – “But this property has never flooded before.”
      • Myth busted! – “But I live on a hill so I floods won’t affect me.”
      • Myth busted! – “But I don’t even live near a creek or a river so floods won’t affect me.”
      • Myth busted! – “My home is above the flood level so floods won’t affect me.”
      • Myth busted! – “But I won’t even be here in 100 years …so a 1 in 100 year flood won’t affect me.”
      • Myth busted! – “We’re protected by levees where I live so flood won’t affect me.”
      • Myth busted! – “But I thought that dams were supposed to stop all flooding.”
      • Myth busted! – “But I thought that these sandbags would stop my home from flooding.”

      Topic: Flood Recovery

      • Disasters and alerts: stay up-to-date
      • Translated fact sheets about financial assistance grants after a flood
      • Managing stress after a flood
      • Family relationships after a flood
      • Support groups after a flood
      • Business support after a flood
      • Rural disaster support and recovery after a flood
      • Primary producer support services after a flood
      • Regional community support services after a flood
      • Community Recovery hub locations
      • Housing help after a disaster
      • Volunteering for disaster recovery
      • Flood recovery – How can I help?
      • Self Recovery App after a flood
      • Returning to affected buildings after a storm, flood or cyclone
      • Home and property repairs after a flood
      • Pools and water tanks after a flood
      • Bacterial infections after a flood
      • Floodwater contamination
      • Plumbing and water use after a flood
      • Mosquitos after a flood  
      • Black flies after a flood 
      • Replace lost or destroyed documents
      • Food and drinking water after a flood 
      • Mould after a flood 
      • Asbestos after a flood
      • Drugs and poison disposal after a flood

      Topic: Flood Warnings

      • Understand your flood risk
      • Flood warnings in Queensland
      • How flood warnings work in a catchment
      • How Queensland’s river catchments work
      • Queensland has 4 basins and 64 river catchments
      • Queensland’s flood warning infrastructure network
      • Automatic rain gauges in Queensland
      • Automatic rain and river gauges in Queensland
      • Manual river gauges in Queensland
      • Manual rain gauges in Queensland 
      • Flood classifications in Queensland
      • Riverine flooding
      • Flash flooding
      • Flood warnings in Queensland and the Bureau of Meteorology
      • ‘Flood Watch’ & ‘Flood Warning’ – What is the difference?

      Topic: Flood Insurance

      • Understanding flood insurance
      • Insurance and the definition of flood 
      • Does your insurance policy cover floods?
      • Insurance and flood risk
      • How do insurers determine the flood risk to my property?
      • Insurance, flash flooding, stormwater, rainfall run-off
      • Insurance and actions of the sea, sea level rises, storm surges
      • Making a flood insurance claim
      • Making a flood insurance complaint
      • Flood and financial help
      • Do you have enough flood insurance?

      Topic: Flood Resilient Homes

      • What is a flood resilient home?
      • Flood resilient home features
      • Tips to make your home flood resilient
      • Flood resilient landscaping tips for Queensland homes
      • How to make the external services of your home flood resilient
      • Flood resilient homes: how to wet-proof your home
      • Flood resilient homes: wet-proofing design
      • Flood resilient homes: external building materials
      • Flood resilient homes: internal building materials
      • Do the test: How flood resilient is your home?

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