$10 million to make North Queensland communities safer, stronger and more resilient

The Queensland Government will provide $10 million towards 22 council projects aiming to reduce disaster risk and lower insurance costs for residents, businesses and communities in North Queensland.

Communities in North and Far North Queensland face significant risks from cyclones, flooding and storm surges and these projects will help reduce the risk posed by these events and make insurance more affordable.

Queensland has been hit by almost 100 natural disasters in the past decade and they are becoming more frequent and more intense, so we need to become more innovative in our approach to reduce risk to make our communities safer.

The program was established in response to the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission’s Northern Australia Insurance Inquiry’s Final Report released in December 2020, which encouraged governments and insurers to identify mitigation works that can help reduce insurance premiums.

The Queensland Reconstruction Authority will administer the $10 million North Queensland Natural Disasters Mitigation Program.

Projects funded through this program are expected to be delivered by December 2023.

For more information on the North Queensland Natural Disasters Mitigation Program and the approved projects go to  www.qra.qld.gov.au/NQNDMP