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Purpose of Betterment Funding

Queensland Betterment Funds are jointly funded (50:50) by the Australian and Queensland Governments and enables the reconstruction of public assets to a more disaster resilient standard.

Betterment increases the resilience of our communities to natural disasters, while at the same time reducing future expenditure on asset restoration.

Betterment can also reduce incidents, injuries and fatalities during and after natural disasters, and improving asset utility during and after natural disasters.

Since the first betterment fund was established in 2013, more than 480 projects across Queensland – valued at more than $240 million – have been approved, helping to create stronger, more resilient Queensland communities.

As at July 2021, 334 of the completed projects have been subsequently impacted by natural disasters with 85 per cent have sustained no damage or only minor or superficial damage.  

Of the betterment projects that have been re-impacted, an investment of $110 million has generated approximately more than $250 million in savings or avoided costs, which is a great outcome for all levels of government, as well as Australian taxpayers.  (Information is current as at July 2021).

For more information on the betterment programs and avoided costs refer to below:

List of all approved Betterment projects

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History of Betterment in Queensland

The Queensland Government, through the Queensland Reconstruction Authority, initiated the first Queensland Betterment Fund in February 2013 following Severe Tropical Cyclone Oswald, which caused more than $2 billion in damage to essential public assets. Many of these assets had been repeatedly impacted and restored after earlier disasters in 2011 and 2012, only to be damaged again in 2013.

The 2013 Queensland Betterment Fund provided $80 million for assets to be built back better, enabling assets to be built back to a standard that would be more disaster resilient, reducing risk to the community and future reconstruction costs from subsequent events.

Under the fund, assets such as roads, water supply infrastructure, bridges and drainage systems were identified by local governments for betterment that would provide resilience and risk reduction benefits for their communities.

Including the initial program, Queensland has now approved more than 480 betterment projects across four programs:

  • $80 million Betterment Fund established in 2013 following Severe Tropical Cyclone Oswald
  • $20 million Betterment Fund established in 2015 following Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia
  • $41.85 million Betterment Fund established in 2017 following Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie
  • $102 million Betterment Fund established in 2019 following North and Far North Queensland Monsoon Trough (in delivery).