Accessing information

Information about the QRA's services and business operations is provided in many of our corporate documents which are available through our website.

If you have been unable to obtain access to information through this website or via contact with QRA, you may wish to seek access to information through an application under the Right to Information Act 2009.

Accessing QRA information

right to information
RTI is the Queensland Government's commitment and approach to giving the community greater access to information.
Disclosure log
QRA's disclosure log of information released under RTI is available as required under Section 78A of the Right to Information Act 2009.
publication scheme
QRA's publication scheme is available as required under Section 21 of the Right to Information Act 2009.
The QRA manages personal information in line with the Information Privacy Act 2009. Learn about QRA's Privacy Statement, Privacy Plan, and Information Privacy Complaints Procedure.
Information to help you use our website and its features including tips for: searching for information; resizing text; Portable Document Format (PDF) files; Microsoft Office files; and accessibility.
creative commons
The Queensland Reconstruction Authority supports and encourages the distribution of its material. Read our copyright statement for more details.
Gifts and benefits register
Gifts and benefits valued at more than $150 that have been given and received by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority and its employees.