Recovery governance

This section outlines the governance arrangements in place to support recovery across Queensland.

Queensland Recovery Plan - Sub-plan to the Queensland State Disaster Management Plan
A collaborative approach coordinating recovery across all levels of government, Functional Recovery Groups (FRGs) and the community, including planning requirements at local, district and state levels.
Visual representation of the roles of agencies in disaster management
Collaborative approach to bringing together agencies, stakeholders and resources for planning, coordinating and delivering recovery functions.
Functional Recovery Groups
FRGs support communities across the five functional lines of recovery: human and social; economic; environment; building; and roads and transport.
State Recovery Policy and Planning Coordinator
The Chief Executive Officer of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority holds the position of SRPPC. Learn about the SRPPC role and responsibilities.
State Recovery Coordinators
Learn about the role of an SRC working with communities affected by disaster events. SRCs are generally appointed by the Premier for specific events.