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Burdekin and Haughton Flood Resilience Strategy

Learn about the Burdekin and Haughton Flood Resilience Strategy in this video and hear from local mayors, disaster and resilience experts about how the strategy unites our community-led approach to flood resilience.

(4 minutes 34 seconds)

Fitzroy Region Understand Your Flood Risk

Learn about the Fitzroy Basin in Central Queensland and understand your flood risk. The Queensland Government has partnered with six councils to deliver the Fitzroy Regional Resilience Strategy, which uses a collaborative catchment approach for best practice management of flood warning infrastructure.

(5 minutes 9 seconds)

Recovery: we all have a role to play

Queenslanders are no strangers to natural disasters – we’re the most disaster impacted state in Australia. Cyclones, floods, bushfires – we’ve experienced them all. There’s probably not a community in Queensland that hasn’t been impacted by a natural disaster. While local councils are responsible for disaster operations in Queensland, including recovery, we all have a role to play. This video describes our roles across the recovery journey before and after a natural disaster.

(4 minutes 3 seconds)

Resilient Queensland in Action

As the most disaster impacted state in the country, building our resilience to disasters is a key priority for Queensland. Being disaster resilient is about working together and finding shared solutions to common problems. Whether you are a teacher, parent, neighbour, disaster manager or firefighter, everyone has a role to play in helping to build disaster resilient communities. Resilient Queensland is the Queensland Government’s strategy and implementation plan for helping make ours the most disaster resilient state in Australia.

(3 minutes 21 seconds)

How flood warning infrastructure works: Rain and river gauges, cameras and signs

Learn about the Queensland Flood Warning Infrastructure Network (FWIN) project for the Far North, North West and Townsville regions. This video explains the differences between the four types of flood warning assets being installed for councils, including technology features and specifications, and how they work to provide the best possible flood warnings. Find out how these Rain gauges, Rain /River Towers, Flood Warning Cameras, and Flood Warnings Signs are helping to protect our Queensland communities.

(7 minutes 14 seconds)

10 Years of Recovery and Resilience

In 2021, QRA marked its 10-year anniversary and looks forward to continuing to work with councils and other stakeholders to support community recovery, reconstruction and resilience.

(5 minutes 16 seconds)


North Stradbroke Island Bushfire Management

Bushfire management plans are being developed for Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) to improve community safety and maintain the natural and cultural values of the island. Watch the video to find out more about how these bushfire management plans are combining contemporary and traditional knowledge

(2 minutes 47 seconds)

Brisbane River flooding 2011 fly through

View a flythrough video of the Brisbane River Catchment flood event 8-16 January 2011.

(2 minutes 44 seconds)