Investing in resilience

To support decision makers to embed resilience and risk reduction into investment decisions, the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) has delivered the following initiatives:

Supporting investment in resilience

Resilient valuation
The Sustainable Asset Valuation initiative Tool (SAVi Tool) Pilot Project recognises and values intangible benefits to support investment in resilient infrastructure
Queensland Disaster Resilience and Mitigation Investment Framework 
Provides guidance on effective investment decision-making and prioritisation to support disaster resilience and mitigation across Queensland
Economic Assessment Framework of Flood Risk Management Projects
Supports consistent and comparable economic assessments of flood risk mitigation; and build the case for increased investment
Betterment map tile
Planning to invest in resilient infrastructure supports our communities to withstand, respond to and recover from natural disasters.
resilient homes
Investing in resilient building design reduces the effort and time to return home following disasters, and may reduce insurance premiums.
Find out about the resilience funding programs administered by QRA on behalf of the State of Queensland.