Our role in resilience

The Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) is the state’s lead agency responsible for disaster recovery and resilience policy. 

QRA makes resilience-building a key priority to ensure Queenslanders are better prepared for disaster, and better equipped to bounce back in the aftermath.

Resilient Queensland 2018–21 – Delivering the Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience was launched in May 2018 as the statewide, whole-of-government plan to strengthen Queensland’s resilience to natural disasters. It provides a practical blueprint for better coordination of government policy, information management, project delivery and stakeholder collaboration across government, business, industry, the community and the not-for-profit sector for the people of Queensland. 

Building capacity in recovery and resilience through expert leadership and partnerships


  • Forge trusted, reciprocal and robust relationships with community leaders, thought-leaders, and local, state, commonwealth and international partners in relief, recovery and resilience
  • Assist local governments and communities build knowledge and capability that drives best practice in recovery and building resilience 
  • Influence and enhance the development of national relief, recovery and resilience policy 
  • Produce evidence based data, analytics and evaluative materials that are useful to, and used by, communities and decision makers.

Getting ready, reducing risk and building resilience


  • Design and deliver best practice strategies to help communities be ready, resilient and ultimately recover from future disasters
  • Prioritise and coordinate disaster resilience funding programs to maximise risk reduction and build resilience
  • Coordinate development and implementation of whole of government policies to manage disaster risk
  • Provide advice to support the development of whole of government policies towards more resilient buildings, infrastructure and communities
  • Prepare Queenslanders for disaster through targeted marketing, communication and community outreach activities under Get Ready Queensland.