Our role in resilience

The Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) is the state’s lead agency responsible for disaster recovery and resilience policy in Queensland.

The Queensland Government is committed to strengthening disaster resilience to ensure communities are better equipped to deal with the increasing prevalence of natural disasters

The QRA is also lead agency responsible for developing and coordinating the Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience which provides an overarching framework to guide how Queensland Government collaboratively delivers disaster resilience commitments and actions, based on local and regional needs, to strengthen community resilience.

The role of the QRA was strengthened with amendments to the Queensland Reconstruction Authority Act 2011 passing through Parliament on 29 April 2019. The amendments enable QRA to undertake its responsibilities across all disaster events, lead the coordination of resilience and recovery policy, and facilitate mitigation activities outside of post-disaster events.

Our approach to resilience

QRA is committed to strengthening Queensland's resilience through the following strategic priorities and actions:

Build capacity in recovery and resilience through expert leadership and partnership

QRA actions:

  • Forge trusted, reciprocal and robust relationships with community leaders, thought-leaders, and local, state, Commonwealth and international partners in relief, recovery and resilience
  • Assist local governments and communities build knowledge and capability that drives best practice in recovery and building resilience 
  • Influence and enhance the development of national relief, recovery and resilience policy 
  • Produce evidence based data, analytics and evaluative materials that are useful to, and used by, communities and decision makers.

Get ready, reduce risk and build resilience

QRA actions:

  • Design and deliver best practice strategies to help communities be ready, resilient and ultimately recover from future disasters
  • Prioritise and coordinate disaster resilience funding programs to maximise risk reduction and build resilience
  • Coordinate development and implementation of whole-of-government policies to manage disaster risk
  • Provide advice to support the development of whole-of-government policies towards more resilient buildings, infrastructure and communities
  • Prepare Queenslanders for disaster through targeted marketing, communication and community outreach activities under Get Ready Queensland.