$242 million recovery package to help flood-affected Queenslanders

The Commonwealth has accepted Queensland’s proposal for a joint recovery package totalling $242 million.

This package includes funding for Betterment, business and industry support, riparian and coastal recovery and a resilience grants program.


It also proposes additional assistance for primary producers, funding to address community development, health and wellbeing, as well as damage to community, sporting and recreational assets.

Initiatives to strengthen and restore regional economies, businesses, the environment and tourism are also included.

The QRA is working to finalise delivery arrangements of all of programs, in consultation with Emergency Management Australia.


Councils and state government agencies will be soon be provided with information on submission requirements, deadlines and eligibility requirements.

The $242 million package is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).

Funding Breakdown:

  • $100 million for an infrastructure betterment fund
  • $14.5 million for the restoration of damaged water and sewerage infrastructure
  • $20 million for the clean-up and repair of community and recreational assets and facilities
  • $10 million for business and industry support
  • $5 million for a tourism recovery package
  • $22 million for a North West Queensland beef recovery package
  • $2 million for extraordinary fodder supply
  • $33 million for a riparian and coastal recovery program
  • $3 million for weed and pest management
  • $15.5 million for a resilience grants program
  • $750,000 for community information and education
  • $3.5 million for a flood mapping and warning program
  • $7 million for community health and wellbeing
  • $5.25 million for a community development program, and
  • $500,000 for monitoring and evaluation.