Demolition of buy-back properties continues

The Voluntary Home Buy-Back program (VHBB) has reached a significant milestone with demolition commencing on a unit complex in Mill Street, Goodna.

The complex was significantly impacted by flooding in February 2022, and at high risk of future flooding.

It was the first community title scheme to have achieved voluntary home buy-back as part of the $741 million Resilient Homes Fund (RHF), jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments.

All 20 homeowners of the unit complex accepted offers under the Voluntary Home Buy-Back program last year, with settlement reached in October 2023.

Following identification for buy-back and offer acceptance by homeowners, the Mill Street properties and land were purchased by the Ipswich City Council using program funds. 

Once demolished the land will be re-zoned to an appropriate, non-occupied use, such as green space, by council. 

Under the RHF, buy-back was identified for homes most severely impacted and at greatest risk of future flooding. 

To date, 629 homes have settled under VHBB out of the 684 offers which have been accepted by homeowners.

398 of these properties have already been demolished or relocated across 8 local government areas, ensuring hundreds of families are out of harm’s way.

VHBB has made offers to homeowners across Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Sunshine Coast, Fraser Coast, Gympie, Moreton Bay, Lockyer Valley, Goondiwindi, Somerset, Gold Coast and Noosa.

Work is also continuing with homeowners in these areas registered for the Resilient Retrofit or Home Raise programs under the Resilient Homes Fund. 

These programs are helping Queenslanders to make their homes as flood resilient as possible.