Disaster assistance for Whitsunday Council after severe rain

Disaster assistance is available to Whitsunday Regional Council to help repair damage to local infrastructure following intense rainfall in late 2022.

Many key local roads have been significantly impacted by these storms, including Ted Cunningham Bridge, which links rural properties to Collinsville and Bowen.

When 120mm of rain fell over two days at the end of November, water levels rose quickly as catchments were already saturated from prior monsoonal activity.

Confirmation of this disaster assistance follows extensive consultation across all levels of government to determine required repairs, with the extent and complexities of damage requiring additional planning.

For example, the approaches to the Ted Cunningham Bridge, over the Bowen River west of Collinsville, have suffered major structural damage.

The bridge has reopened to light traffic, however, an alternative route remains in place.

The communities that rely on this vital freight route need comprehensive repairs done as quickly as possible.

Assistance is being provided by the Australian and Queensland Governments through the jointly funded Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).

Activation of the DRFA will ensure the Whitsunday region can recover and rebuild to a more resilient standard.

DRFA support will also enable council to undertake counter disaster operations to ensure public safety, manage debris clean-up, and restore essential public assets to repair roads and bridges.