First flooded Ipswich homes demolished under buy-back program

The demolition of Goodna homes bought back under the Voluntary Home Buy-Back Program is a significant step in the community’s recovery.

One of three program options under the $741 million Resilient Homes Fund (RHF), the Voluntary Home Buy-Back Program aims to remove flood-impacted homeowners from harm’s way.

The RHF was established in May 2022 following the catastrophic 2021-22 rainfall and flooding events and is a jointly funded initiative delivered through Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).

Flood-affected properties bought back under the program will no longer be available for residential or commercial use to ensure that no residents will suffer from future flooding of these blocks.

More than 40 Ipswich homeowners have now accepted offers under the program, including 21 whose homes have already settled.

Valuations have been undertaken at over 160 homes across the city, so it is expected that more homeowners will accept these life-changing offers over the coming weeks.

More than 5700 homeowners have now registered for the Resilient Homes Fund, which remains open for Queensland homeowners affected by the floods of 2021-22.

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