Queensland Government launches new flood information website

Delivering on recommendations from the Queensland Flood Risk Management Framework (QFRMF), the Queensland Government has gone live with a new centralised website for flood information.

Queenslanders can now visit www.qld.gov.au/flood to get the latest on flood awareness, preparation, warnings and alerts, and assistance available.

The website also provides councils and flood practitioners links to flood maps and data, policy documents, case studies, and a communications toolkit.

It’s free to use and updated regularly, making it a trusted source of truth when it comes to flood information for Queensland.

An initiative of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) under its responsibilities within the QFRMF, the website provides clear direction for flood risk management across the state.

The QRA is Queensland’s lead agency for disaster recovery and resilience policy, and is recognised nationally for its flood risk management work.

When it comes to natural disasters, flooding causes more economic, social and environmental damage in Queensland than any other hazard or event.

To give this financial context, the QRA has administered more than $16.4 billion in disaster recovery funding since 2011, and 85 per cent of this has been flood related.

This is why smart and effective flood risk management is absolutely vital for the state, and it reenforces the value of www.qld.gov.au/flood.

All Queenslanders are encouraged to visit the website to learn more about flooding and how they can get ready for future flood events.