Flood Risk Management Program (FRMP) - Funding for councils (2021-22)


Through the Flood Risk Management Program (FRMP), the Queensland and Australian Governments are supporting Councils to:

  • deliver flood studies for river, creek and/or overland flooding, risk assessments and management strategies, scoped to meet specific local needs
  • improve council flood intelligence to be better prepared and able to respond to flooding events, for example, intelligence to support councils in translating peak height forecasts from the Bureau into on-the-ground consequences during the response phase. 

Funding of approximately $18.25 million was available to the 36 local governments who applied and were activated in the following 2021-2022 events:

  • Central, Southern and Western Queensland Rainfall and Flooding, 10 November - 3 December 2021
  • Ex-Tropical Cyclone Seth, 29 December 2021 -10 January 2022
  • South East Queensland Rainfall and Flooding, 22 February - 5 April 2022
  • Southern Queensland Flooding, 6 May – 20 May 2022

Eligible activities

Eligible activities are outlined in the funding guidelines and include:

  • data collection to support the development of flood studies
  • flood studies for river, creek and/or overland flow
  • flood risk management assessments and plans
  • flood preparation and response action plans,
  • mitigation and management options analysis and feasibility studies
  • development of flood intelligence tools, systems and dashboards.

Council funded projects

Details of council funded projects
Activated CouncilProject NameProject Total Value
Balonne Shire CouncilSt George Integrated Stormwater and Flood Risk Management Plan & Study$149,000
Balonne Shire CouncilFlood Intelligence Dashboard$34,500
Banana Shire CouncilBanana Shire Council Total Flood Warning Review$187,000
Banana Shire CouncilWowan TownshipFlood Study$62,000
Banana Shire CouncilBanana Township Flood Study$62,000
Barcaldine RegionalAramac Flood Study$92,000
Barcaldine RegionalAramac Community based Flood Action Plan$46,000
Barcaldine RegionalJerhico Flood Study$92,000
Barcaldine RegionalJerhico Community based Flood Action Plan$46,000
Barcaldine RegionalAlpha Flood Study$92,000
Barcaldine RegionalAlpha Community based Flood Action Plan$46,000
Barcoo Shire CouncilBarcoo Shire Disaster Management Dashboard$14,950
Blackall-Tambo Regional CouncilBlackall and Tambo Flood Study$80,500
Blackall-Tambo Regional CouncilBlackall Community Based Flood Action Plan$57,500
Brisbane City CouncilOverland Flow and Creek flooding (Citywide)$494,500
Brisbane City CouncilJindalee Creek$230,000
Brisbane City CouncilKedron Brook Flood study$175,000
Bundaberg Regional CouncilBundaberg Region Flood Risk Assessment and Planning Evaluation$563,500
Bundaberg Regional CouncilBurnett River and Tributaries Catchment Flood Study$1,840,000
Bundaberg Regional CouncilBurnett River targeted bathymetric and survey data collection$150,000
Bundaberg Regional CouncilGeneration of Local IFD Data $172,500
Bundaberg Regional CouncilBundaberg Flood Intelligence System$101,850
Carpentaria Shire CouncilNorman River Flood Study for Karumba and Normanton$136,000
Carpentaria Shire CouncilNorman River Bathymetric Data in vicinity of Karumba and Normanton$32,500
Carpentaria Shire CouncilDiastaster Dashboard enhancements $3,285
Central Highlands Regional CouncilCarnarvon Gorge Flood Study$36,750
Central Highlands Regional CouncilCarnarvon Gorge Flood Emergency Action Plan$36,750
Central Highlands Regional CouncilRubyvale Flood Mitigation Study$45,500
Central Highlands Regional CouncilEmerald Flood Evacuation Community Engagement$70,000
Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire CouncilCherbourg Total Flood Warning Review$57,500
Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire CouncilCherbourg Council Depot Flood Mitigation Feasbility Asessment$80,500
Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire CouncilCherbourg Stormwater Data Survey$40,000
Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire CouncilCherbourg Overland Flow Study and Mitigation Feasibility Assessment$69,000
Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire CouncilBurnett River Catchment Flood Study$0
City of Gold CoastGold Coast Community Flood Alerting System$299,000
Diamantina Shire CouncilBirdsville Diamantina River and Tributaries Flood Study$120, 750
Flinders Shire CouncilHughenden Flood Study $138,000
Flinders Shire CouncilHughenden Flood Risk management Study and Plan$69,000
Flinders Shire CouncilPrarie Flood Study for Creek and Overland$92,000
Flinders Shire CouncilPrarie Flood Risk management Study and Plan$69,000
Fraser Coast Regional CouncilMary River Flood Study$404,800
Fraser Coast Regional CouncilMary River Bathymetric Data + survey of up to 10 bridges$202,400
Fraser Coast Regional CouncilLocal IFD Data Generation for the Region$69,000
Fraser Coast Regional CouncilBurrum Cherwell Flood Study$316,250
Fraser Coast Regional CouncilBurrum Cherwell Bathymetric Data + survey of up to 10 bridges$126,500
Fraser Coast Regional CouncilFraser Coast Region Overland Flow Flood Risk Definition$17,250
Gladstone Regional CouncilAgnes Water Drainage Study$100,000
Goondiwindi Regional CouncilGoondiwindi Flood Study$93,150
Goondiwindi Regional CouncilInglewood Flood Study$72,450
Goondiwindi Regional CouncilGoondiwindi Community Based Emergency Flood Action Plan$65,550
Goondiwindi Regional CouncilInglewood Community Based Emergency Flood Action Plan$54,625
Goondiwindi Regional CouncilYelarbon Evacuation Planning$46,000
Goondiwindi Regional CouncilBathymetry for Canning Creek and Macintyre Brook$23,000
Gympie Regional CouncilFloodplain Risk Management Plan for Gympie LGA$460,000
Gympie Regional CouncilGympie Flood Warning Intel System Guardian QIT+$102,350
Gympie Regional CouncilSix Mile Creek Catchment Flood Study $0
Gympie Regional CouncilDeep Creek Catchment Flood Study$224,250
Gympie Regional CouncilBurnett River and Tributaries Catchment Flood Study$0
Gympie Regional CouncilBurnett River targeted bathymetric and survey data collection$0
Gympie Regional CouncilStream Gauge Update in Waterride (Existing gauges only. No new infrastruture)$28,750
Gympie Regional CouncilGeneration of Local IFD Data for Noosa and Gympie LGAs$0
Ipswich City CouncilFlood Warning System$287,500
Ipswich City CouncilBundamba and Wrril Creek NbS Mitigation Feasability$160,500
Ipswich City CouncilCommunity based Flood Emergency Action Plans$230,000
Ipswich City CouncilPreparation of Multiple Agency Flood Operation
Response Plan
Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire CouncilKowanyama Township Flood Emergency Action Plan$86,250
Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire CouncilKowanyama Township Magnificent River Flood Study Update $80,500
Livingstone Shire CouncilBelmont, Sutherland and Ramsay Creek and Tributaries Flood Study 2023$103,500
Lockyer Valley Regional CouncilUpdate and Extend the Lockyer Catchment-Wide Regional Creek Flood Study$102,500
Logan City CouncilLogan Flood Studies Review Program - Schmidt's Creek Flood Study$138,000
Logan City CouncilLogan Flood Studies Review Program - Flagstone Creek Flood Study$138,000
Logan City CouncilLogan Flood Studies Review Program - Sandy Creek Flood Study$138,000
Longreach Regional CouncilLongreach Flood study defining Riverine and Creek Design flood event'$69,000
Longreach Regional CouncilCommunity Flood Action Plan Longreach$34,500
Maranoa Regional CouncilMaranoa Region-wide Flood Risk Management Program $816,500
Maranoa Regional CouncilMaranoa Region-wide flood Study (costs included in MarRC-1)$0
Moreton Bay Regional CouncilFlood Risk Assessment and Regional Floodplain Management Plan $546,250
Moreton Bay Regional CouncilOverland Flow Modelling Project $138,000
Moreton Bay Regional CouncilRedcliffe 6 Hotspot Flood Mitigation Assessment$207,000
Moreton Bay Regional CouncilBribie Island 4 Hotspot Flood Mitigation Assessment$143,750
Murweh Shire CouncilFlood Risk Study for Warrego River and Bradley's Gully at Charleville$92,000
Murweh Shire CouncilTotal Flood Warning Review for Charleville and Augathella$92,000
Murweh Shire CouncilFlood Intelligence Systems for Murweh Shire Council$46,000
Murweh Shire CouncilFlood Risk Definition Study for Augathella$69,000
Noosa Shire CouncilLake Entrance Boulevard Flood Mitigation Feasibility Assessment$27,734
Noosa Shire CouncilUpdate to Noosa River Flood Study$225,570
Noosa Shire CouncilSix Mile Creek Catchment Flood Study$221,200
Noosa Shire CouncilGeneration of Local IFD Data for Noosa and Gympie LGAs$161,900
Noosa Shire CouncilTotal Flood Warning Review$123,438
Noosa Shire CouncilScoping Study for Flood Warning Intelligence System$13,162
Noosa Shire CouncilNew Flood Warning Intelligence System with integration into Disaster Dashboard$53,739
Noosa Shire CouncilScoping Study on updating Noosa River & Six Mile Creek flood study hydrology$16,772
North Burnett Regional CouncilFlood Action Plans
Gayndah, Eidsvold, Monto, Mount Perry, Munduberra + comments
North Burnett Regional CouncilNorth Burnett Total Flood Warning Review$115,000
North Burnett Regional CouncilBurnett River Flood Warning Intelligence System$80,500
North Burnett Regional CouncilBurnett River and Tributaries Catchment Flood Study$0
North Burnett Regional CouncilBurnett River targeted Bathymetric and survey data$0
North Burnett Regional CouncilSurvey of 4 weirs within the Burnett River$11,500
North Burnett Regional CouncilGeneration of Local IFD Data$0
Redland City CouncilRCC City Wide Overland Flow Mapping$201,250
Redland City CouncilGuardian IMS Flood Intel Dashboard and Bridge Project$258,750
Rockhampton Regional CouncilWest Rockhampton and Wandal Flood Risk Management Study and Plan$160,100
Rockhampton Regional CouncilSplitters Creek Model update and Flood Risk Management Study$203,000
Rockhampton Regional CouncilGracemere Catchments Flood Study$216,250
Rockhampton Regional CouncilFlood forecasting software module (Regional Scale application)$47,800
Scenic Rim Regional CouncilTotal Flood Warning Review - Develop Scenic Rim Regional Council Flood Intelligence Strategy$201,250
Scenic Rim Regional CouncilLogan River Emergency Management Flood Modelling $38,373
Scenic Rim Regional CouncilPurga Creek Emergency Management Flood Modelling$29,756
Scenic Rim Regional CouncilAlbert River Emergency Management Flood Modelling$33,276
Scenic Rim Regional CouncilWarrill Creek Emergency Management Flood Modelling$28,856
Scenic Rim Regional CouncilTeviot Brook Emergency Management Flood Modelling$30,048
Scenic Rim Regional CouncilCritical Council Infrastructure Identification and Mapping$126,500
Scenic Rim Regional CouncilGuardian IMS Flood Intelligence Module$149,500
Scenic Rim Regional CouncilLocal IFD Review and Update $25,770
Somerset Regional CouncilFlood Warning Intelligence System Enhancement $69,000
Somerset Regional CouncilLGA-wide Overland Flow Flood Risk Mapping Study and Historical Inundation Calibration$61,870
Somerset Regional CouncilLocal IFD Data Review and Update$17,250
South Burnett Regional CouncilBurnett River and Tributaries Catchment Flood Study$0
South Burnett Regional CouncilGeneration of Local IFD Data $0
Southern Downs Regional CouncilSouthern Downs Condamine and Tributaries Flood Study $218,500
Southern Downs Regional CouncilStanthorpe Flood Study Quart Pot Creek$92,000
Southern Downs Regional CouncilKillarney Flood Warning Review $57,500
Southern Downs Regional CouncilLeyBurn Flood Warning Review$57,500
Southern Downs Regional CouncilWarwick, Stanthorpe, Killarney, Leyburn, Allora and Applethorpe$109,250
Southern Downs Regional CouncilWarwick Flood Risk Management Study$103,500
Sunshine Coast Regional CouncilSunshine Coast Communities Flood Emergency Management Plans$118,040
Sunshine Coast Regional CouncilMaroochy River Flood Mitigation Investigation$92,000
Sunshine Coast Regional CouncilRevised IFD Data for Sunshine Coast Flood Studies$69,000
Toowoomba Regional CouncilToowoomba Region Flooded Roads Prioritisation   Project$172,500
Toowoomba Regional CouncilToowoomba Overland Flow Path Mitigation Strategy$172,500
Toowoomba Regional CouncilCondamine Automated Flood Forecasting System$63,250
Toowoomba Regional CouncilUpdate to IFD data sets for Toowoomba Region$115,000
Western Downs Regional CouncilFlood Warning Intelligence System for Six Urban Centres$37,950
Western Downs Regional CouncilPreparation of Flood Operation Response Plan for Six Urban Centres$184,000
Western Downs Regional CouncilDalby Flood Study$51,750
Western Downs Regional CouncilChinchilla Flood Study$69,000
Western Downs Regional CouncilJanowae Flood Study$69,000
Western Downs Regional CouncilMiles Flood Study $69,000
Western Downs Regional CouncilTara Flood Study$69,000
Western Downs Regional CouncilWandoan Flood Sutdy$69,000

(QRA Reference: CM DOC/23/3403, Last updated 17/11/2023)

Funding guidelines

Key dates and delivery milestones

  • Applications have now closed
  • Applicants notified of funding approval 31January 2023
  • Management and Reporting System (MARS) submission form to be completed by 24 February 2023
  • Project acquittal reports are due within three months of the end of the financial year in which the project is completed
  • The current DRFA funding requires projects to be completed by 30 June 2026

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Flood Risk Management Program WP3

Q. What are the next steps?

A. Council will need to complete a Management and Reporting System (MARS) submission form for their approved projects and return to submissions@qra.qld.gov.au by 24 February 2023.

QRA will then process each submission and issue formal funding approval, first funding payment (30 per cent of program cost) and the related project funding schedule.

Q. When can we start procurement?

A. Procurement processes can start immediately. QRA have prepared technical project brief templates including a generic flood study and generic flood risk management strategy/study/plan, and high level guidance on the scoping of community-based action plans, total flood warning review/system development and disaster dashboards.

These documents have been made available to Councils to support preparation of project briefs for procurement purposes, and can be accessed on the QRA FRMP 2021-22 Funding for Councils webpage. https://www.qra.qld.gov.au/frmp-2021-22-funding-councils#Council- funded-projects.

Q. Where can I get support?

A. Councils are welcome to email the QRA Flood Team at any time with program and project support queries via email to floodteam@qra.qld.gov.au.

QRA have engaged a Peer Review and Technical Advisory panel to further support Councils and ensure projects are delivered consistent with industry standard and best practice. The panel comprises two components namely, the Peer Review component and The Technical Advisory component.

The Technical Advisory panel will provide more high-level technical advice to QRA and Councils. This process will be ad-hoc and on an as-needs basis and will focus on strategic and technical advice.

Support is available to Councils throughout the entire process. Both QRA flood team and panel members are available to help Council prepare their technical briefs, project scoping and review of draft deliverables if required, along with making funding submissions, preparing monthly reports and claims.

Q. What is peer review and when is it required?

A. The Peer Review process will be more formal and provide input at project scope stage and designated review points through project delivery.

Peer review will be a mandatory requirement of flood studies, floodplain risk management studies and plans (including mitigation only studies) and generation of localised rainfall intensity-duration-frequency (IFD) data.

Peer review points will be agreed with the appointed peer reviewer. It is expected there will be at least two to three review points at key points throughout the project and prior to project finalisation.

Projects such as flood warning intelligence, dashboard development or updates and community-based action plans will not require peer review, however Councils are welcome to opt into a peer review process if desired.

The peer review requirements are summarised in the table below.

Study typeFormal Peer Review Comments
Flood StudyYesRobust, fit for purpose analysis to inform Flood Risk Management and a range of other purposes such as planning and disaster management
IFD Generation ProjectsYesUnderpinning flood risk definition for region (NB: currently investigating QRA delivery of IFD)
Flood Warning ReviewNoTechnical advisory panel available to support on request
Disaster DashboardsNoTechnical advisory panel available to support on request
Flood Risk Management Studies/Strategies/PlansYesRobust, fit for purpose analysis to inform range of planning and disaster management purposes
Community flood action plansNoTechnical advisory panel available to support on request
Update to flood risk definitionNoTechnical advisory panel available to support on request
Data collectionNo Registered Surveyor works subject to quality assurance


Q. What are the timeframes for delivery?

A. The current timeframe for project completion is 30 June 2026, as set by the DRFA funding program.

QRA recognises the quantum of work that will be required to deliver the approved projects and may apply for an Extension of Time. However, this has not yet occurred and there is currently no approval to extend the funding timeframes.

However, Councils should advise QRA via email to floodteam@qra.qld.gov.au as early as possible if there is any indication that this timeframe cannot be met (for example, advice from suppliers that they cannot meet the timeframes), detailing the unforeseen circumstances impacting project completion, the actions taken to minimize the impact, and the adjusted project plan and milestones.

Q. Can I vary an approved project?

A. All variations to a Project Funding Agreement, scope or change in control of a project are to be agreed formally in writing. Where there are material changes following a project approval, grant recipients must provide QRA with updated project information.

Q. What are eligible costs?

A. As per the flood risk management program funding guidelines, eligible costs must be directly associated with delivery of approved eligible projects.

The below list provides examples of eligible costs:

a)  allowances, and costs associated with travel expenses, allowances, and accommodation to undertake eligible activities

b)  contractor costs to undertake specialist services

c)  purchase of consumables and products used in undertaking the eligible activities

d)  local government internal vehicle and equipment hire rates and associated operating consumables (e.g., fuel) consumed while undertaking eligible activities

e)  hire of additional vehicles and equipment, and operating associated operating consumables (e.g., fuel) consumed while undertaking eligible activities

f)  project management costs proportionate with the funding amount sought including remuneration of temporary technical, professional and/or administrative staff for time directly related to scoping and managing delivery of the activities (excludes executive and overhead charges).

Please contain the QRA Flood Team if you require any assistance in determining eligible costs.

Q. What are my reporting requirements?

A. Monthly as required, following exhaustion of initial 30% funding payment, and quarterly progress reports are mandatory for each approved submission.

These reports are required to include:

  1. a)  actual expenditure reported against the approved scope/activities and capped amounts
  2. b)  quarterly progress reports outlining achievements and deliverables completed within the reporting period (i.e. against what was identified in the application).
  3. c)  scope / activity percentage completed
  4. d)  project milestones, estimated and actual start and finish dates e. reasons for variances in scope /activities, cost or milestones.

For more information refer to the Flood Risk Management Program Guidelines.

Q. What are Council’s obligations for sharing project outputs?

A. Council are required to share project outputs with the State in line with the Queensland Flood Risk Management Framework. Upon completion of projects, all reporting and generated digital datasets are to be made available to the QRA and will be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) 4.0 International licence. To view a copy of this licence, visit: http://www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Supporting documents: Technical project brief templates and guidance documents

Funding acknowledgement

The Flood studies, risk assessment and management strategies and intelligence systems (WP3) work package is part of the Flood Risk Management (FRM) program - a component of the jointly funded Australian and Queensland Government (50:50) 2021-22 Rainfall and Flooding - Exceptional circumstances Category C and D funding package approved under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).


For queries please email:

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