$3 million restoration for Townsville's iconic Strand

Townsville's iconic Strand has had a $3 million restoration after being severely damaged during Tropical Cyclone Yasi.

The Strand, in Townsville, is a popular waterfront parkland that features:

  • Ocean Way Pavement
  • Rock pool
  • BBQ areas
  • Lifesaving Club
  • Strand Park
  • Water park
  • Tobruk Memorial Pool
  • 9 metre high 'Space Net' on the beach fronting Strand Park

Not only used as a recreation area for the people of Townsville, the parkland was also designed to dissipate wave action during heavy seas. During the Yasi event, heavy seas and storm surge migrated sand along the beach, and some sand was lost to deeper waters.

The Strand was choked with fallen trees and debris after Tropical Cyclone Yasi and the immediate clean-up was identified by Townsville City Council as a priority to allow people to see that their city was on the way to recovery and returning to a state of normality.

Following the initial recovery phase, the Strand needed a major foreshore protection works restoration program.

Project works began mid September and the schedule of works included more than 1,200 truck movements to the Strand delivering 35,000 tonnes of material while approximately 20,000 tonnes of sand has been redistributed.

To maintain protection against future similar events sand was relocated from where it collected at the north eastern end and sand was imported to replace what was lost to deeper water.

The major restoration program was completed in December 2011.

Works completed on The Strand parkland and waterfront