Aurukun Access Road ascendant thanks to Betterment

The Aurukun Access Road has been made even more resilient to severe weather thanks to $1.2 million in betterment funding.

Aurukun Shire Council’s betterment project involved installing gravel to infill scoured sections of Aurukun Access Road and stabilising the shoulders and embankments to improve accessibility and protect the road.

The Aurukun Access Road is a sealed road and it is the only road transport link for the Aurukun community. It provides a vital connection for health, employment, education and training for the local community. Closure of road-based access leaves the community isolated with goods needing to be delivered by sea or air.

The road itself was not damaged in the 2019 monsoon trough floods but the high velocity flows did cause damage and a loss of gravel to the shoulders.

Council targeted the higher risk locations for these upgrade works along an eight kilometre section of the road.

The works delivered through the 2019 betterment program complement the $1.2 million upgrade it received from the 2013 betterment program to seal a 10 kilometre section of Aurukun Access Road.

Council’s 2013 project is a shining example of the benefits of the betterment program.  Since the works were delivered to seal the road, it has been impacted by eight severe weather events and it has remain undamaged and functional. 

Aurukun Access Road project image gallery