Betterment builds back vital Villis Bridge

Villis Bridge is located on Niebling Road and is the only access road for approximately 12 properties.  

High velocity flooding in the 2013 Severe Tropical Cyclone Oswald event tore the bridge from its foundation and washed it downstream.

Niebling Road was closed for up to three weeks following the event and an alternative route through private property was established to provide access to residents, primary producers and freighting services.

The betterment project constructed a new, safer concrete Villis Bridge, as well as stream bank protection for 30 metres either side of the bridge to increase the resilience of the bridge.

It has since been impacted by four natural disaster events (one in 2017, two in 2020 and one in 2021) and has remained undamaged and functional throughout.

Villis Bridge - project details:
Restoration: $1,597,077
Betterment: $232,845
Avoided cost over four events: $6,388,307