Cloncurry Bowls Club

The Cloncurry Bowls Club experienced significant water damage to the green in the 2019 monsoon trough floods, which resulted in diseases throughout the playing surface.

The lighting and electrical also experienced significant water damage and as a result the club had no working lighting towers and the entire external electrical system required immediate replacement.

In response, the club received more than $150,000 in funding under the $18 million Community and Recreational Assets Program, which was approved as an extraordinary recovery measure jointly funded under the Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).

Club President Kevin Wehrman said the DRFA funding was a significant boost for the club.

“After experiencing such substantial damage to our club’s essential infrastructure, it was uncertain whether the club could continue without funding to repair the damaged assets,” Mr Wehrman said.

“The significance of completing this work is monumental for the Cloncurry Bowls Club.

“The works began in October 2019 and the bowling green was completed in time for our big community event, The Give it Back Bash.”

The remaining repairs to lights and electrical equipment were completed by May 2020. 

Cloncurry Bowls Club - flooding
Cloncurry Bowls Club - flooding on the greens
Cloncurry Bowls Club - after repairs
Cloncurry Bowls Club greens - after repairs