Disaster assistance extended following Northern and Central-Western Queensland Floods

Disaster assistance has been extended to more flood-affected communities after the Northern and Central-Western Queensland event during April and May.

The assistance is made available through the jointly funded Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

The Croydon, Lockhart River, Northern Peninsula Area, Torres Strait Island and Wujal Wujal councils now have access to funding to repair essential public assets damaged during the deluge and resulting flooding.

In addition, Lockhart River has also been activated to help with the costs of clean-up and counter disaster operations following the event between 21 April and 12 May 2022.

24 local government areas (LGAs) have now been activated for DRFA assistance following the widespread flooding across much of the top end of the state.

Support requested will continue to be provided, as many areas face a long road to recovery after being hit time and time again.