History of the QSDR

The Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience (QSDR) provides an overarching framework to guide how Queensland Government collaboratively delivers disaster resilience commitments and actions, based on local and regional needs, to strengthen community resilience.

The QSDR was originally released in 2014 and was then revised in 2017 to incorporate climate change risk and deliver a comprehensive, all-hazards approach to building disaster resilience.  

QSDR 2017-2021

Resilient Queensland 2018-2021: Delivering the Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience 2018 (Resilient Queensland) was the implementation plan for the 2017 QSDR, and was developed in consultation with state agencies, the private sector and local governments to coordinate the statewide delivery of strategic commitments.

Since 2018, resilience initiatives have been implemented statewide under Resilient Queensland. This includes the delivery of Regional Resilience Strategies across Queensland, a key outcome of Resilient Queensland, which is a published commitment under the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction’s Sendai Framework.

QSDR 2014