Building insurance

Being resilient means that whether you own or rent your home, you have insurance to cover the cost of your possessions and any relocation costs you may incur following a major event.

Contact your insurer to find out if undertaking any of the building upgrades identified in the guides will qualify you for a reduction of your home insurance premium. Online calculators are also available to guide the level of insurance you require for your home and for peace of mind can be checked by a qualified builder. 

In collaboration with the Queensland Government, Good Shepherd Microfinance has produced the Money Ready Toolkit to help people prepare, respond and recover from the financial impact of natural disasters. The Toolkit is a useful resource for affordable and simple insurance policies.

Money Ready Toolkit - affordable and simple insurance policies

Watch the video case study produced by Suncorp Insurance about how flood strategies incorporated into a family’s home renovations helped to reduce their insurance premium by 40 per cent.