Getting ready, reducing risk and building resilience

Getting ready, reducing risk and building resilience is one of three Queensland Reconstruction Authority organisational objectives in the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) Strategic Plan 2022-26.

The strategies, outcomes and key performance indicators under this objective are outlined below.


  • Design and deliver best practice strategies to help communities be ready, resilient and ultimately recover from future disasters.
  • Prioritise and coordinate disaster resilience funding programs to maximise risk reduction and build resilience.
  • Coordinate development and implementation of whole of government policies to manage disaster risk.
  • Provide advice to support the development of whole of government policies towards more resilient buildings, infrastructure and communities.
  • Prepare Queenslanders for disaster through targeted marketing, communication and community outreach activities under Get Ready Queensland.  


  • Queenslanders are more informed about their risk and know how to prepare for disaster.
  • Increased targeted investment in disaster risk reduction.
  • Queensland’s network of flood warning infrastructure is coordinated to meet best practice.

Key performance indicators

  • Increased number of communities that have targeted, local, disaster resilience and recovery plans.
  • Number of people who have emergency plans increased.
  • Whole of state flood warning network complies with national standards.
  • Data analytics including Get Ready Queensland market research shows increased awareness of risk, resilience and how to be prepared.
  • Funding is increased towards disaster mitigation and disaster risk reduction.