Rebuilding, recovering and reconnecting disaster affected communities

Rebuilding, recovering and reconnecting disaster affected communities is one of the three organisational objectives in the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) Strategic Plan 2022-26.

The strategies, outcomes and key performance indicators under this objective are outlined below.


  • Coordinate delivery of responsive recovery activities that incorporate risk reduction, resilience building and betterment as business as usual.
  • Partnering to build the capacity and capability of local government to respond to disaster and facilitate timely recovery.
  • Streamline grant funding systems and regulatory frameworks to ensure support is responsive, relevant and accountable.
  • Deliver value for money and strong governance in administering state and Commonwealth funding programs.


  • Queensland communities are reconnected and functioning as soon as possible after a disaster.
  • Infrastructure is functional and more resilient to disaster.
  • Local governments and other delivery agents are supported, capable and confident in delivering local reconstruction and recovery programs.

Key performance indicators

  • 100% completion of reconstruction and recovery projects within required timeframes.
  • 100% reimbursement of Queensland’s Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements claim to the Commonwealth.
  • Reduction in costs of impacts to communities of future disasters.
  • Measurable efficiencies through process improvements that enhance stakeholder experience.