Betterment: Gayndah Mundubbera Road

North Burnett Regional Council

Gayndah Mundubbera Road – project summary

  • Gayndah Mundubbera Road is an essential freight and transport link for the North Burnett region, connecting the highly productive agricultural towns of Gayndah and Mundubbera.
  • The road was damaged in 2011 and rebuilt only to be redamaged in 2013.
  • Betterment funding from 2013 was used to increase the resilience of the two-kilometre section of road adjacent to the Burnett River that was washed out, relocating it 11 metres uphill.
  • New stormwater drainage works (including concretelined channels, culverts and scour protection) were also completed, improving functionality of the entire Gayndah Mundubbera Road.
  • The road has since been impacted by seven natural disaster events (one in 2015, one in 2016, two in 2017 and three in 2022) and has remained functional with only minor expenditure required to clean up and remove debris.

Restoration: $6,785,707
Betterment: $1,308,863
Avoided cost over 7 events: $47,499,499

Value of indirect benefits: $65,238,194 ($ value benefits per day x 135 days of impact to communities)
Total benefit over 7 events: $112,737,693

SAVi Tool assessment of indirect benefits

The SAVi tool has been used to consider the wider economic benefits for this project, by using a bespoke summary of indicators which have been assumed most relevant for the North Burnett Regional community. The analysis has been based on the estimated production revenue and number of people impacted per day during a disaster event. Table 1 provides a summary of the non-road benefits used in this analysis.

Table 1 – SAVi tool inputs Gayndah Mundubbera Road

Non-road benefits

Price ($)



 1. Fuel cost



0.3 %

 2. O&M cost of vehicles



0.0 %

 3. O&M cost of roads



0.0 %

 4. Cost of travel time



0.2 %

 5. Air pollution



7.6 %

 6. Noise pollution



1.3 %

 7. Water pollution



1.1 %

 8. GHG emissions



2.4 %

 9. Nature and landscape



0.8 %

 10. Crop and fruit revenue



28.6 %

 11. Fish revenue 


 12. Livestock revenue 



0.9 %

 13. Access to essential items/services



35.1 %

 14. Access to workplace and schools 



21.0 %

 15. Mental health 



0.4 %

 Non-road benefits in 2021 prices



100.0 %


The analysis resulted in a positive Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV), indicating that the Gayndah Mundubbera Road Betterment Project was a viable project generating positive outcomes to the community. A summary of the results is outlined below.

SAVi Tool pilot results Gayndah Mundubbera Road


Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Net Present Value (NPV)

Excluded non-road benefits

Included non-road benefits

 Excluded non-road benefits

Included non-road benefits

Excluded non-road benefits

Included non-road benefits



83.9 %

90.8 %

$ 56,723,935


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