Betterment: Somerset Region

Somerset Regional Council (various projects)

  • Somerset Regional Council has a large number of major and minor waterways crossing through the region which leave it vulnerable to damage.
  • Floods in 2011, 2013 and 2015 caused extensive damage to roads and bridges across the region.
  • Since the first betterment program was established in 2013, council has been approved for a total of 42 Betterment projects.
  • A range of upgrades have been made to essential public assets such as culverts, roads, bridges and floodways to better withstand the impacts of natural disasters.
  • Council has been subsequently hit by multiple events, including the 2021-22 events, and the upgraded assets have all remained functional, which has allowed the important road and transport network to re-open once waters recede following events.

Restoration: $6,855,797
Betterment: $9,359,002  
Avoided cost over three events: $13,670,997