$9.6 million in further funding to disaster proof Queensland

Forty-nine projects are being delivered through the $13.1 million Queensland Resilience and Risk Reduction Fund (QRRRF), a joint initiative between Australian and Queensland Governments.

Examples of projects being funded through QRRRF include floodway monitoring and warning systems for Balonne Shire Council ($528,000) and Toowoomba Regional Council ($150,000), bushfire mitigation works on Palm Island ($322,000), and severe wind hazard assessment for south east Queensland ($200,000).

This QRRRF announcement adds to the $3.5 million funded directly by the Queensland Government last month.

This $9.6 million joint funding extends support through the QRRRF program to 35 councils, three regional organisations of councils, two state frontline agencies, a non-profit community organisation and Energy Queensland.

The $13.1 million QRRRF is jointly funded by the Queensland Government ($8.3 million) and the Australian Government ($4.8 million) and is administered by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.

It is the first year of a five-year National Partnership on Disaster Risk Reduction between the Queensland and Australian Governments.

To find out more about the projects funded visit www.qra.qld.gov.au/QRRRF