Mental Health Recovery Program

Program purpose

The Mental Health Recovery Program will provide disaster-affected communities, including individuals, families and first responders, with mental health services and emotional wellbeing support after the bushfire events.

This assistance is in addition to that provided under Category A and will be delivered by Queensland Health in impacted regions.

The objectives of the program are to deliver a range of mental health recovery strategies to individuals and communities impacted by the bushfires, in order to:

  • reduce psychological distress and symptoms resulting from adverse experiences and resulting dislocation and disruption
  • psychologically prepare impacted communities for future disasters.

Services will be delivered in collaboration with local agencies including community recovery agencies, existing local mental health service providers, general practitioners, school and private psychologists and psychiatrists.

Clinical care will be coordinated between Queensland Health treatment services and other front-line support services provided by agencies such as Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Tourism Industry, Education Queensland and the community mental health sector.

Administering agency

  • Queensland Health