Community Development Program

Program purpose

To assist the region to recover after the Central Queensland Bushfires in 2018, a Community Recovery Package was made available and funded by the Commonwealth and State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements under Category C. The package included a Community Development Program. Funding was available to establish Community Development Officers (CDOs) to work across the eight impacted LGAs to understand recovery needs and develop community-led recovery and resilience plans.

Program status

The program concluded in March 2021.

Administering agency

The Department of Communities led the implementation of the program with administrative support from the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA).

Outcomes achieved:

The CDOs were employed over a two-year period through to March 2021.

The CDO’s delivered community development activities including:

  • 2,250 hours developing and delivering events
  • 705 hours developing resources and tools
  • 660 hours on training and learning
  • 1,520 hours in supporting flexible funding grant (FFG) activities
  • 725 hours developing recovery and resilience (RR) plans
  • 8,026 participants in events 
  • 1,599 participants in training activities
  • 1,228 participants in FFG activities
  • 264 participants in developing RR plans.
  • 1,920 community agencies participating in events.


More information

A copy of the full evaluation report is available on the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) website.

(QRA Reference CM DOC/22/3505)