Collaboration guide for building resilience to natural disasters

Building resilience to natural disasters – Collaboration Guide

Collaboration, partnerships and learning through knowledge sharing are fundamental to the disaster management tenet of shared responsibility.

The Collaboration Guide provides guidance on how to establish collaborative groups across stakeholders to advance locally-led resilience. It draws on some theory, and links activities to Queensland’s disaster resilience policy framework.

It reflects ‘on the ground’ experiences in designing and preparing Queensland’s pilot regional resilience strategies in partnership with local stakeholders under Resilient Queensland: Delivering the Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience 20182021.

This guide is drafted with a resilience to natural disaster lens, however the principles and actions can be applied to build resilience in any network.

Audience for this guide

The intended audiences for this guideline are:

  • the community - progress and neighbourhood associations, service clubs, sporting and social groups, industry bodies, charitable organisations, and environmental groups
  • local government authorities
  • local disaster management groups
  • district disaster management groups
  • emergency and disaster management stakeholders and professionals
  • state and federal government agencies
  • experts across the range of natural disasters, hazards and risk management
  • non-government organisations who have a role in prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.