Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA)

For eligible events up to and including 31 October 2018.

The Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) was a joint funding initiative of the Commonwealth and State Governments to provide disaster relief and recovery payments and infrastructure restoration to help communities recover from the effects of natural disasters up to and including 31 October 2018. In Queensland, this program was managed on a whole-of-government basis by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA).

Commonwealth arrangements

  • The NDRRA Determination 2017 applied to events occurring from 1 July 2017 to 31 October 2018.
  • The NDRRA Determination 2012 (version 2) applied to eligible disasters that occurred on or after 29 October 2015, and up to or on 30 June 2017.

Queensland Guidelines

The Queensland Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (QDRRA) Guidelines detail the activation, eligibility and other requirements of the joint Commonwealth and State funded NDRRA and the State Disaster Relief Arrangements (SDRA) within Queensland.

Previous Queensland guidelines

NDRRA resources

NDRRA tool box
Guides, strategies and tips sheets available to assist with all stages of a NDRRA funded project.
NDRRA 2017
Information and submission forms for applying for funds under NDRRA.
Alice River Bridge - Damage
Information about the progress reporting, claims, variations and acquitting NDRRA projects.
Pace Road - Damage
Local Government trigger points for the activation of funds under both the DRFA and NDRRA funding.