MARS - User guides and forms

MARS online guidance - WalkMe

QRA has implemented a flexible guidance system called WalkMe that can be accessed when using MARS. Whether you are a first-time user, or just need a refresh, WalkMe guidance is available on demand to step users through each task. QRA Regional Liaison Officers (RLOs) are also ready to provide support to their councils and SDAs preparing to use MARS.

Refer to the MARS Portal user guide - Activation and submission preparation.  

Activation and submission preparation

Before you create a submission in MARS, please refer to the pre-season checklist.  The pre-season checklist covers key items that should be in place prior to disaster season, and ensures that your organisation has updated information in MARS to create submissions.

The link above will direct you to our pre-season checklist.

Bulk photo upload capability

Upload photo evidence to submission

The purpose of the MARS User Guide is to navigate the user through key activities for uploading photo evidence to a submission in the MARS Portal. 

Progress reporting and close outs

In-field assessment

Estimate updates




Draft Reviews

Troubleshooting errors, alerts and messages

MARS support

Technical support for MARS users can be accessed by emailing

QRA RLOs are also ready to provide support and advice to their councils and state agencies.