Queensland Strategic Flood Warning Infrastructure Plan

The Queensland Government is committed ensuring the safety and wellbeing of Queensland communities in flood-prone communities by ensuring they have appropriate warning of flood events, and this includes investment in new and upgraded flood warning infrastructure.

The purpose of the Queensland Strategic Flood Warning Infrastructure Plan is to: 

  • provide an overview of the context, issues and opportunities to improve flood warnings in Queensland
  • provide a clear governance structure and approach for Queensland’s flood warning network
  • ensure the flood warning infrastructure network is fit-for-purpose for the flood risk that exists in Queensland
  • outline measures to improve the provision of timely, accurate and relevant flood forecasts and warnings to Queensland communities and emergency services
  • support Queensland communities to better prepare and respond to flood events
  • improve community resilience to flood events through development of a best practice network of flood warning gauges 
  • embrace the guiding principles of the Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience (2017).

Delivering best practice for Queensland’s Flood Warning Gauge Network 

Best practice flood warning infrastructure provides the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

This Queensland Strategic Flood Warning Infrastructure Plan is guided by the following six key principles to deliver best practice for Queensland's Flood Warning Gauge Network.

Queensland’s Flood Warning Gauge Network - key principles

  1. supports the Bureau of Meteorology’s Total Flood Warning System 
  2. meets the national standard for flood warning infrastructure 
  3. provides real-time situational awareness and suitable data for flood forecasting models and timely early warnings 
  4. is reliable, accurate and fit for purpose 
  5. is continuously improved through ongoing review, endorsed governance structures and investment in upgrades 
  6. is managed collaboratively for shared benefits and cost effectiveness.

The Strategic Plan was developed by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) as the state agency responsible for facilitating the development of a network of flood warning gauges that complies with best practice, in consultation with the Bureau of Meteorology and the Queensland Flood Warning Consultative Committee.

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