DRFA media and public acknowledgement requirements

Recipients of Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) assistance must adhere to the DRFA media and public acknowledgement requirements (set under section 5.2 of the Commonwealth’s DRFA Guidelines).

All DRFA-related media releases, planned events, social media, public notices or signage must be approved by QRA, which will help facilitate approvals with the relevant Queensland minister’s office and the Australian Government through the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

Checklist for public acknowledgement of Commonwealth-state assistance

  • Joint media release
    • The announcement of any DRFA funded project details must be through a joint media release, or other joint announcement, unless otherwise agreed by the state and Commonwealth.
  • Publicity activities
    • The recipient of DRFA funding must give the state and Commonwealth the opportunity to participate in any publicity activities, via the QRA.
  • Prior agreement
    • Recipients must reach prior agreement with the state and Commonwealth on the nature and content of any subsequent events, announcements, promotional material or publicity relating to any assistance measures.
  • Wording
    • When formally acknowledging DRFA funding on media and other communication materials please use: “Assistance provided through the jointly-funded Commonwealth-state Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).”
    • When refencing the governments in media releases, speeches or other materials, please use Australian Government (not Commonwealth Government) and Queensland Government.
  • Logos
    • Place logos on the bottom of all relevant marketing and communication material. Please use the Australian Government logo on the left-hand side, the Queensland Government logo in the middle, and your organisation’s logo on the right.
  • Social media
    • If promoting DRFA programs across social media, please tag the Queensland Reconstruction Authority, the National Emergency Management Agency, and other relevant organisations. Funding acknowledgements can be made either in the post text or via a post caption. Feel free to also use relevant hashtags on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Approval
    • All DRFA signage must be approved by the Queensland Government (i.e. QRA) and the Australian Government. Please be mindful that failure to seek approval of DRFA-related material may breach the program’s funding requirements. Sufficient time should be given for QRA to help facilitate approval of materials.


For more information, or for approval of material, please email media@qra.qld.gov.au