Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP) 2017-18

About the NDRP 2017-18

The aim of the Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP) 2017-18 was to reduce Queensland communities’ vulnerability to natural hazards and build community resilience.

The program provided flexibility to effectively meet the requirements of local Queensland communities threatened by disasters by supporting projects that address specific local risks.

Eligible applicants included councils, state agencies and a range of non-government and not-for-profit organisations. The NDRP 2017-18 drew statewide interest and was heavily over-subscribed.


The NDRP 2017-18 was administered by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.


The NDRP 2017-18 has been completed.

Delivered projects

A rigorous assessment process was undertaken by QRA and the submissions were assessed according to criteria in the NDRP 2017-18 Guidelines.

Delivered projects under the NDRP 2017-18 are detailed below including: applicant; project name; and approved funding amount.

Applicant Project Name Funding Year Approved Dollars ($) Fund
Aurukun Shire Council Aurukun Barge Landing Upgrade 2017-2018 $399,502 NDRP
Australian Red Cross Society Building Disaster Preparedness and Resilience with CALD Communities 2017-2018 $185,600 NDRP
Australian Red Cross Society Register. Find. Reunite. 2017-2018 $92,437 NDRP
Balonne Shire Council Balonne Shire Flood Warning Gauge Infrastructure 2017-2018 $200,000 NDRP
Banana Shire Council Development of Real-time Flood Forecasting and Emergency Management Tool 2017-2018 $29,581 NDRP
Barcaldine Regional Council Barcaldine Regional Council Flood Monitoring System 2017-2018 $120,000 NDRP
Barcoo Shire Council Thomson River at Jundah - New Automatic Rain & River Gauge 2017-2018 $45,000 NDRP
Boulia Shire Council Springvale Road Structures Repairs 2017-2018 $147,210 NDRP
Brisbane City Council Development and Implementation of a Local Floodplain Management Plan 2017-2018 $194,400 NDRP
Bulloo Shire Council Bulloo Shire Flood Gauge Radio Project 2017-2018 $105,000 NDRP
Burdekin Shire Council Install and Upgrade Flood Reporting Gauges on Burdekin River 2017-2018 $220,000 NDRP
Burnett Catchment Care Association Inc. Building Resilience in the North Burnett 2017-2018 $271,000 NDRP
Cairns Regional Council Freshwater Creek Flood Alert System 2017-2018 $80,000 NDRP
Carpentaria Shire Council Little Bynoe River Causeway Eastern Approach Upgrade 2017-2018 $346,000 NDRP
Central Highlands Regional Council CHRC Flood Warning Network Improvements 2017-2018 $176,330 NDRP
Central Highlands Regional Council Isaac River Regional Flood Model 2017-2018 $56,017 NDRP
Charters Towers Regional Council Improvements to Charters Towers Regional Flood Warning Network 2017-2018 $52,280 NDRP
Cloncurry Shire Council Cloncurry Local Disaster Coordination Centre Backup Generator 2017-2018 $105,000 NDRP
Cook Shire Council Water Supply Resiliency Coen 2017-2018 $109,000 NDRP
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Building Flood Resilience in Primary Production 2017-2018 $187,261 NDRP
Diamantina Shire Council Flood Monitoring Cameras for Diamantina Shire 2017-2018 $56,000 NDRP
Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. Fitzroy Recovery and Resilience 2017-2018 $152,080 NDRP
Flaggy Rock Community And Recreation Centre Inc. Flaggy Rock Community Generator 2017-2018 $6,400 NDRP
Flinders Shire Council Flinders Shire Rainfall and River Gauges Network Investments 2017-2018 $200,000 NDRP
Fraser Coast Regional Council Burrum Cherwell Catchments Flood Gauge - Burrum River 2017-2018 $48,360 NDRP
Gladstone Regional Council Concrete Shoulders - Tableland Road - South 2017-2018 $55,528 NDRP
Goondiwindi Regional Council Inglewood Flood Evacuation Assembly Point Project 2017-2018 $50,000 NDRP
Habana & Districts Progress Association Inc. Providing Habana Community Hub with Emergency Power Supply 2017-2018 $12,569 NDRP
Hinchinbrook Shire Council Community Resilience Officer 2017-2018 $88,000 NDRP
Hinchinbrook Shire Council Flood Mitigation - Property Floor Level Modelling 2017-2018 $112,000 NDRP
Horizon Housing Company Vulnerable Queenslanders - Disaster Preparation and Planning 2017-2018 $55,000 NDRP
Ipswich City Council Bremer River Integrated Catchment Strategy 2017-2018 $190,000 NDRP
Isaac Regional Council Collaroy Timber Bridges Replacement 2017-2018 $350,000 NDRP
Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council Kowanyama Multipurpose Centre Upgrade to Place of Refuge 2017-2018 $956,796 NDRP
Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council Sealing of Pascoe Road - East of Pascoe 2017-2018 $250,000 NDRP
Lockyer Valley Regional Council Lockyer Creek Catchment Model Review and Local Risk Management Planning 2017-2018 $275,000 NDRP
Logan City Council Overland Flow Natural Hazard Mapping 2017-2018 $100,000 NDRP
Logan City Council Quinzeh Creek Flood Study 2017-2018 $60,000 NDRP
Longreach Regional Council Longreach Regional Council Flood Gauges Investment Plan 2017-2018 $153,000 NDRP
Longreach Regional Council RAPAD - Disaster Management Improvement Project 2017-2018 $189,514 NDRP
Mackay Regional Council Flood Studies for Tropical Cyclone Debbie Affected Communities – Eton, Sarina Range, Koumala and Walkerston 2017-2018 $75,000 NDRP
Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council Mapoon Barge Landing 2017-2018 $600,000 NDRP
Maranoa Regional Council Critical Infrastructure Risk Assessment 2017-2018 $150,000 NDRP
McKinlay Shire Council Gidgery Creek - Floodway Improvements 2017-2018 $200,000 NDRP
Moreton Bay Regional Council Moreton Bay Region - Fire Trail Construction 2017-2018 $200,000 NDRP
Moreton Bay Regional Council Moreton Bay Region - Upgrade to Flood Warning System 2017-2018 $260,000 NDRP
Mornington Shire Council Mornington Natural Hazard Risk Assessment - Cyclonic Tie-down Building Assessment 2017-2018 $37,632 NDRP
Murweh Shire Council South West Regional Councils River Warning Gauges Upgrade 2017-2018 $665,000 NDRP
North Burnett Regional Council Malmoe Road Bridge Approach Works 2017-2018 $131,252 NDRP
Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council Backup Generators for Pump Stations and Evacuation Centres During Emergencies 2017-2018 $190,000 NDRP
Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council Mount Bentley Road Improvement 2017-2018 $155,000 NDRP
Paroo Shire Council Upgrade to Existing Network with APC Smart UPS 2017-2018 $9,205 NDRP
Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council Pormpuraaw Cyclone Kit 2017-2018 $69,165 NDRP
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Severe Winds Hazard Assessment for QLD 2017-2018 $278,000 NDRP
Queensland Murray-Darling Committee Natural Disaster Resilience in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin 2017-2018 $294,000 NDRP
Queensland Police Service New Generator Palm Island LDCC 2017-2018 $81,753 NDRP
Queensland Tourism Industry Council Industry Crisis App and Management Centre 2017-2018 $90,000 NDRP
Redland City Council Redland City Evacuation Centre Upgrades 2017-2018 $175,388 NDRP
Redland City Council Redland City Flooded Road Smart Warning Signs 2017-2018 $58,500 NDRP
Rockhampton Regional Council Webber Park Drainage Scheme Stage 1A 2017-2018 $400,770 NDRP
Scenic Rim Regional Council Christmas Creek Road Floodway 2017-2018 $256,509 NDRP
Scenic Rim Regional Council Flood Warning Systems 2017-2018 $96,500 NDRP
Somerset Regional Council Flood Study and Local Floodplain Management Plan - Esk/Fernvale/Kilcoy/Lowood/Toogoolawah 2017-2018 $138,000 NDRP
Southern Downs Regional Council Installation of Automatic Flood Warning Gauges 2017-2018 $70,000 NDRP
Sunshine Coast Regional Council Fire Trail Construction and Upgrade 2017-2018 $30,000 NDRP
Sunshine Coast Regional Council Mooloolaba Flood Mitigation - Phase 5 2017-2018 $370,000 NDRP
Tablelands Regional Council Tablelands Flood Warning Intelligence Project 2017-2018 $163,000 NDRP
Torres Strait Island Regional Council Badu Island Wells Access Road Upgrade 2017-2018 $200,000 NDRP
Townsville City Council Resilience of Critical Infrastructure for Town Water Supply 2017-2018 $315,000 NDRP
Volunteering Queensland Inc. Improve Council Effectiveness to Plan and Manage Spontaneous Disaster Volunteers (SDV) 2017-2018 $564,601 NDRP
Western Downs Regional Council Dalby SES Facility 2017-2018 $250,000 NDRP
Whitsunday Regional Council Whitsunday Critical Asset Resilience Program - Emergency Power Supply & Access 2017-2018 $400,000 NDRP
Wide Bay Burnett Regional Organisation of Councils Burnett Catchment Resilience Officer 2017-2018 $174,720 NDRP
Winton Shire Council Diamantina River and Western River Flood Warning Gauges (Stage 1) 2017-2018 $330,000 NDRP
Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council Cyclone Refuge 2017-2018 $700,000 NDRP
Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council Back Beach Road - Bitumen Seal 2017-2018 $199,077 NDRP

Funding acknowledgement

The NDRP 2017-18 has been jointly funded (50/50) by the Australian and Queensland Governments through the National Partnership Agreement on Natural Disaster Resilience. 

Queensland’s total funding for the NDRP 2017-18 is $14.303 million. This total comprises $12.006 million funded 50/50 by the Queensland and Australian Governments for 2017-18, plus savings transferred from acquittal of the previous year NDRP program.

(QRA Reference: CM DOC/23/38656. Last updated 05/07/2023).