Queensland Disaster Resilience Fund

The Queensland Disaster Resilience Fund (QDRF) was announced in 2018 to support projects to strengthen the resilience of Queensland communities and help them better prepare for disasters.

The $38 million QDRF was funded by the Queensland Government, administered by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA), and was to be delivered over four years.

Round 1 

Round 1 of $9.5 million commenced in the 2018-19 financial year, with 62 successful projects including bushfire mitigation measures such as fire breaks, riverbank stabilisation, flood modelling and mapping, evacuation centre upgrades, and reducing disaster risk for people with disabilities.

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Round 2

Applications for the 2019-20 Resilience Funding were due to open 31 March 2020. Due to the extenuating circumstances of COVID-19 and applicant capacity to develop detailed submissions, the application process has been postponed.  Further details on the revised schedule will be available soon. Further information can be found in the 2019-20 Resilience Funding Guidelines and application form.

Eligible applicants will include:

  • Local government bodies constituted under the Local Government Act 2009; or the City of Brisbane Act 2010, and the Weipa Town Authority
  • Regional Organisations of Councils
  • Regional Natural Resource Management bodies
  • River Improvement Trusts
  • Water authorities and local water boards (Category 2 only)
  • Queensland Government departments and agencies
  • Incorporated non-government organisations (including volunteer groups)
  • Not-for-profit organisations.

The Queensland Government has allocated $9.5 million in the 2019-20 financial year to support state and nationally significant projects. 


The objective of this funding is to support delivery of disaster resilience and mitigation projects that:


Delivery and acquittal – state agencies and councils

  • Progress reporting and close out of a submission can be done in the MARS Portal following completion of works and full expenditure. Refer to the MARS Portal user guide - Progress reporting and close outs
  • When preparing the close out, the following should be attached as supporting documents on the submission details page of the MARS Portal:
  • Completed Final Project Report
  • Photos of completed works (QDRF infrastructure projects only).
  • For assistance in completing the close out submission, please contact your Regional Liaison Officer (RLO).  

Delivery and acquittal – non-government organisations

  • Contact your Regional Liaison Officer (RLO) for a copy of your final progress report to complete.
  • Your RLO will then provide you with a close out template to complete and return.
  • When preparing your close out, the following documents should also be provided to QRA:
  • Final Project Report.
  • Photos of completed works (QDRF infrastructure projects only).
  • Send the Close out submission and Final project report, along with supporting documentation to submissions@qra.qld.gov.au 
  • For assistance in completing the close out submission, please contact your Regional Liaison Officer (RLO).  

More information

For any questions about the program, please email QDRF@qra.qld.gov.au