2018 Central Queensland Bushfires

Over 140 fires in Central Queensland in November and December 2018 had a disastrous effect on residents, primary producers, agriculture and the environment.

State Recovery Plan

Central Queensland Bushfires Recovery Plan 2018 – 2021

The Central Queensland Bushfires Recovery Plan 2018 – 2021 (updated August 2019) sets a clear framework for the locally-led bushfire recovery efforts, overseen by the State Recovery Coordinator and the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.

The purpose of the recovery plan is to assist impacted communities rebuild, recover and reconnect following the bushfires of 22 November – 6 December 2018, with a focus on the priority areas of health and wellbeing of affected residents, repair of property, and restoration of small businesses, primary producers and the environment. The plan is broken down into three phases; post-impact relief and early recovery, recovery and reconstruction, and transition into “the new normal”.