Environmental Investigations Program - $1.5 million


The Environmental Investigations Program will identify environmental impacts from the 2022-23 Northern and Central Queensland Monsoon and Flooding event.

Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science will coordinate the stakeholder engagement process to understand damage across the region, the values and people associated with the ecosystem of the north-west, and the connection of impacts to the floods.  

This approach is a significant and important component to enable recovery decisions to be made using the best available knowledge.

Outcomes will see a greater understanding of the management intervention needs for recovery.

Funding acknowledgement

This program is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments to support Queensland communities in their recovery from Northern and Central Queensland Monsoon and Flooding, 20 December 2022 - 30 April 2023.

Administering agency

Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA)

Delivery agency

Department of Environment and Science (DES)