Livestock and Grazing Recovery Program - $250,000


There are currently two beef extension officers from Queensland’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) residing in Cloncurry to support the flood impacted area with animal husbandry and grazing land management advice.

Under the Livestock and Grazing Recovery Program an additional officer will be employed by DAF to assist with the coordination of agricultural industry-focused training, field days and events.  

The program will provide ongoing surveillance of properties for adverse issues affecting grazing lands that may arise post flooding such as degraded and eroded sites, and loss of perennial grass cover from prolonged rain inundation.

Working with the Department of Environment and Science, local government, and natural resource and management groups, control activities will also be conducted to find, contain and eradicate any new invasive species that have arrived following the floods, with education and advice on pest and weed management provided to producers.


•    Boulia Shire Council
•    Burke Shire Council
•    Carpentaria Shire Council
•    Cloncurry Shire Council
•    Doomadgee Aboriginal Shire Council
•    Mornington Shire Council
•    Mount Isa City Council

Funding acknowledgement

This program is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments to support Queensland communities in their recovery from Northern and Central Queensland Monsoon and Flooding, 20 December 2022 - 30 April 2023.

Administering agency

Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA)

Delivery agency

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF)