Flood resilience

Flood is one of the biggest threats across the state. As part of the Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience and Resilient Queensland, QRA in partnership with agencies and local governments has implemented the following flood management plans, resilience strategies, and initiatives to explore new ways to work together to improve safety, build resilience, and minimise the impacts of floodwaters.

Flood resilience strategies and plans

burdekin haughton
A locally-led and regionally-coordinated strategy for flood resilience in the communities of the Burdekin and Haughton regions.
Brisbane River catchment
The Brisbane River Catchment Flood Studies is a partnership between the Queensland Government, Seqwater and the local governments of Brisbane, Ipswich, Somerset and Lockyer Valley.
Burnett catchment
Provides a coordinated approach to managing flood risk across the four local councils of the Burnett River catchment: Bundaberg, Cherbourg, North Burnett and South Burnett.

Flood resilience initiatives

Queensland Flood Warning Infrastructure Network
Improving Queensland’s flood warning infrastructure network to help keep our communities safe
Flood classifications
Best practice guide for local governments to understand flood classifications, river heights and flood forecasts, gauges, flood warnings and how to set flood classifications.
Economic Assessment Framework
Supports investment in flood risk mitigation by providing a framework to quantify all types of damages resulting from floods
Flood Communication Toolkit
Supports Queensland's councils to provide consistent flood messaging to help communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from flood events.
Flood educational videos
Helping Queenslanders to understand flood risk, flood warnings, flash flooding, riverine flooding, and how catchments work