Disaster Ready Fund (DRF)


The Disaster Ready Fund (DRF) is the Australian Government’s flagship disaster risk reduction initiative which will fund a diverse set of projects in partnership with states and territories to deliver medium-term and long-term national outcomes, investing up to $1 billion over the next five years.


  1. Increase the understanding of natural hazard disaster impacts, as a first step towards reducing disaster impacts in the future.
  2. Increase the resilience, adaptive capacity and/or preparedness of governments, community service organisations and affected communities to minimise the potential impact of natural hazards and avert disasters. 
  3. Reduce the exposure to risk, harm and/or severity of a natural hazard’s impacts, including reducing the recovery burden for governments and vulnerable and/or affected communities.

Disaster Ready Fund (DRF) programs (by funding year)

Resilience Funding DRF 2
In Queensland, the DRF Round Two 2024-25 is administered by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.
Resilience Funding DRF 1
Learn about the 50 Queensland projects receiving more than $84 million under Round One of the Australian Government's Disaster Ready Fund (DRF).