Resilient Homes Fund - $741 million

Funding acknowledgement

The Resilient Homes Fund is jointly funded (50:50) by the Queensland and Australian Governments under Category D of the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).

Resilient Homes Fund

Resilient Homes Fund
Under the Resilient Homes Fund, funding is available to assist eligible flood-impacted homeowners to repair (enhancing resilience), retrofit, raise or demolish and rebuild or relocate flood-affected homes. Learn more at the Queensland Government Resilient Homes Fund website. (External link to
Voluntary Home Buy-Back case studies
Read case studies to learn how the Voluntary Home Buy-Back program has changed Queenslander’s lives, and how it continues to deliver economic benefits.
.Property Level Flood Information Portals Program
This program is for 39 eligible councils to support homeowners and residents to be able to access flood information to increase flood awareness of their properties. Learn about this QRA-led solution and the council grants program option.


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