Plans, policies and strategies

The Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) has a number of plans, policies and strategies that make Queensland more disaster resilient.

QRA Strategic Plan 2019-23

QRA’s Strategic Plan for 2019-23 includes QRA’s vision to make Queensland the most disaster resilient state in Australia.

The plan lists the various strategies to meet QRA's organisational objectives.  In particular it details how QRA will continue to recover, reconnect and rebuild communities following natural disasters and work alongside councils as well as state and federal agencies to help Queenslanders be more prepared, responsive and able to recover from disasters. 

Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience

The Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience was updated in 2017 to incorporate climate change risk and deliver a comprehensive, all-hazards approach to building disaster resilience throughout Queensland. 

The Strategy aligns with international best practice - the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.  The Strategy provides an overarching framework to empower Queenslanders to factor in resilience measures and activities as they anticipate, respond and adapt to changing circumstances.

Queensland Recovery Plan

The Queensland Recovery Plan provides information and guidance on the governance, planning and operations issues relating to disaster recovery for all hazards.

It is a sub-plan to the overarching Queensland State Disaster Management Plan.  The Plan applies to all Queensland disaster recovery partners. It informs local governments, Local and District disaster management groups, Queensland Government agencies and corporations, statutory bodies representing the state, non-government organisations and other disaster recovery stakeholders of good recovery practice.